Our Story

Back in 2013 we set out on a mission to make the best range of cakes possible. How? Well, there are four key principles to everything we do.


Baking is like everything in life, the better the ingredients, the better the result. Locally sourced where possible, when we use eggs for example, they are free-range and organic from a local Sussex farm.

Our careful selection of raw ingredients avoids, where possible, the inclusion of artificial colourings, flavourings, preservatives, stabilisers, and sweeteners… we firmly believe in “you are what you eat”.


Baking, decorating and packaging by hand creates authentic looking products that stand out. Made in small batches, the care and attention we lavish on every bake shows.

Ethical Responsibilities

We are a people business, and the wellbeing of our team is uppermost. Happy people make happy cakes! We've designed a lovely working environment, and it goes without saying that equality, fairness, inclusivity and opportunity abound.

We all have a responsibility to the planet, so from local sourcing, waste recycling, being powered by green energy or ensuring our product packaging is recyclable and/or biodegradable, we're constantly striving to do the best we can.


The product may be great but just as important to us is the service we provide you, our customer. Everyone here is friendly, approachable and professional, except maybe Penny... 

Penny's bark is worse than her bite

Recognise anyone?

The world of finance couldn't overcome Mat's love of cake

Thankfully Martin's styling has improved over the years, but Katie still loves that coat

Sophie has a long-held love of cake!